Cleans "Pull Squat and Receive"

April 12th, 2016

Tomorrow we work some split jerk from the racks! We will warm up the shoulders with some light strict press as well as the hips. We will focus on speed by pushing ourselves under the bar to the locked out position and then with our strong legs finish our the press by standing tall!

Split Jerk

6x2 (75-85+% 1RM)

Then we are going to get into a "build a clean" EMOM

15 min EMOM "Full Cleans" As heavy as possible

1st minute = x7 Dead Lift
-first pull is a strong deadlift

2nd minute = x 5 Dead Lift Shrug High Pulls
-Now once the bar passes the knee line through the deadlift the hips can now activate by driving the heels hard into the ground and forcing the hips open. Now we shrug and add the upper back high pull

3rd minute = x 3 Clean "Drop and Receive" 
-Now that we have generated a good Deadlift with a shrug and high pull, it is time for the third pull which is literally pulling yourself under the bar! You are not focused with pulling the bar high. The hips and shoulders have pulled the bar is high as it is going to go. Now before gravity takes over and drives that bar down, the athlete must pull themselves under the bar to accept the weight. All that is left after that is to stand with those strong legs.

Work consistency here. Pick a weight that will allow you to keep the volume and work sound mechanics through the movement.

This will be either good strength session or a good skill session. Either or you get stronger!

See you all at the box!!