April 1st, 2016

CROSSFIT TOTAL CFT!!!!!!!!!!!! And no this is not an April Fools Day JOKE!

Tomorrow we hit our one rep maxes on the Shoulder Press, BackSquat and Deadlift. We need to re establish our base lines for our primary lifts. Come in tomorrow looking to put up some big numbers.

As always we push perfect form in everything that we do! We have hit plenty of strength/skill in all three movements lately, so keep your technique sound when going for your one rep maxes.

We don't need 5000 lifts prior to going for your 1 rep max in each. We will warm up accordingly then start adding weight! I know we are going to smash some PR's tomorrow so show up throw around some weight and root your fellow athletes on!!!

See you all at the Box!!

1 rep Shoulder Press
1 rep Back Squat
1 rep Deadlift