March 31st, 2016


Tomorrow we switch gears and hit another skill that is long overdue. The overhead squat! Now there won't be any prescribed reps or weight. We are going to put some time on the clock and just allow you to work on form. We will have plenty of drills to help you work on your form.

This overhead squat can be tricky being that we are locked out overhead with our weight while hitting our squat depths for a perfect rep!

Couple notes to in order to hit a perfect overhead squat. Hand placement. During warm up, use the PVC pipe to find proper hand placement that allow good structural overhead positioning. when the bar is overhead, your elbows should be extended outside which allows for good external rotation as your armpits will be nice and wide open. Try to picture yourself holding two glasses of water in either hand when your are pressing the bar up into the sky.

2. The shrug! The shoulders (shrug) must stay activate throughout the entire squat. The hardest part of the overhead is as soon as your are ready to decent down the shoulders want to relax. This can't happen as you will now loose your structural base. In order to fix this your must push the bar up the entire time you squat!!

3. As your squat you must make sure your knees are tracking to the outside of the feet. Meaning don't allow the knees to cave inward. A tip to help this, as you press out of the squat try to screw your feet or feel yourself create an earthquake under your feet. Literally feel the rubber try to separate under your feet.

Following the skill session we will implement the overhead squats into an ascending ladder. Any remaining time in the class, work on strengthening a weakness. Don't make me pick or I'll have you doing burpees!!!!!


10 Min Ascending ladder

2 Barbell Overhead Squats (45/65)

2 Pull ups

4,4…6,6…8,8…and so on!