CrossFit Group Classes

Group classes are for everyone. CrossFit's programming by nature is designed to encompass all athletes, of all ages and fitness levels! Each session is led by a trained and certified coach to ensure that our athletes understand the mechanics of each movement. Our goal is efficiency and consistency within the movements all while reducing any potential risk of injury to the athlete.

All movements associated with CrossFit have the ability to be "scaled" either by choosing a movement closely associated to the one prescribed in the workout or by lessening the weight. Our coaches will adapt and accommodate to each athlete allowing everyone the ability to train based of their own fitness levels, so that all athletes can move forward and still train together!


Open Gym

Open gym gives athletes the ability to work what they choose, strength, mobility, conditioning etc. Open gym provides an environment where each athlete can take their time to focus on specific strengths or weaknesses. Open gym is run by a certified trainer should any athlete need to ask a question or need assistance with their training.  



New to CrossFit? Great! At CrossFit Charleston we are committed to you and your safety when learning the different functional movements associated with our program. With that being said, since you are new to CrossFit then our coaches will work with you individually in order to help you understand the multiple yet necessary functional aspects that comprise our fitness program prior to jumping into class sessions at full steam ahead.

The “One-on-One” coach’s sessions will provide an individual with a certified CrossFit trainer to coach and cue them on all the movements that we do at the gym getting them comfortable with our program prior to joining group classes. During the sessions, we will evaluate each client’s skill level, teach proper body mechanics and help identify limitations. Then we will work towards developing a solid foundation that assists each athlete safely in increasing his or her overall strength and conditioning.  We do this with a variety of different exercises that require the same movement patterns and strength. For example, if an athlete wants to do a pull up but currently lacks the strength, no need to worry, we will show the athlete how to do ring rows, which work the same muscles until they are strong enough to achieve a pull up. The focus is building competency in the form of each movement to allow all athletes the ability to understand what is required to correctly perform and improve each individual movement safely and efficiently.

Also, we will explain the workout of the day (WOD’s) and the different time and task orientations associated with our program. Like I said, if you are new to this type of fitness, don’t worry we will be with you every step of the way and we will get stronger, faster and healthier together! 



ROMWOD is short for Range of Motion Workout of the Day. This training is designed to increase an athlete's range of motion, and performance while promoting healing and recovery. For more information, go here



CrossFit Charleston does not shy from injuries or set backs in training. We are here to help no matter what the limitation are of the athlete. We have the knowledge and capability to assist all athletes with modifying specific movements so that each is capable of progressing while rehabilitating their injuries. Through this program, a coach will work specifically with each athlete on specific movements, eliminating any potential for further injury to the athlete.      


CrossFit defense 

Have you ever witnessed a situation that you knew was going to turn out bad therefore you moved in a different direction to avoid confrontation? Have you ever taken the time to look for the nearest exits in a room should an issue arise? Have you ever wondered what you would do if a serious situation turned active? 

Learn more about the CrossFit Defense course here.