Crossfit Defense

CrossFit Defense is a self-defense class designed to teach how to defend against real world threatening situations. 

Students are taught three methods:
1. Detect the threat
2. Deter the threat
3. Defend against the threat

When all prevention has taken place and there is no place to escape, one must defend. 

We use simulated training scenarios such as bear hugs, takedowns, head locks, frontal and rear attacks etc... We break the attacks down providing students with potential options to defend against such attacks.

A typical class will look like this: 

One was walking from a store to their car in a parking lot and didn’t notice an individual hiding around the backside of their car. 

The hidden subject grabbed the individual in a frontal bear hug attack trying to take them to the ground. 

Defensive Options
1. Palm heel strike to the face/chest region
2. Defend against the bear hug by jamming the attackers arms
3. Deliver knee strikes to the mid section weakening the subject
4. Escape

In class you will practice these options and at the end of class we will put each student in mock real-world scenarios so that they can witness the attack and understand what they must do to defend against it utilizing the options taught. 

While we train with options, no matter what, we always want you to do something. The options presented in class are just that, options. If one needs to bite, scratch, scream, poke, prod, kick, then so be it. Do what you must to stop the attack and escape. 

However, the options that we practice in training allow for muscle memory so that when one may find themselves in a threatening situation they can react naturally using the training they have practiced on. 

Now, these self-defense classes are not orchestrated off of a Kung Fu movie. They are not choreographed. We put you in “real” situations that have been researched where one had to actually to defend against a real-world threat. We do not teach you to beat up the bad guy! We do our best to “create” a threatening situation where one must react and defend against any and all possible threats. 

Please empower yourselves and come try out a class before you say, "this is not for me." The first class is a trial class and free to anyone who wants to attend. One does not need to attend a plethora of classes to stay acclimated to the progression of the self defense that we teach. No matter the class, any and everyone can attend and progress through the class together. Each class is presented with a new situation, problem and set of options that we train through. 

As of now, we will hold a class every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. We will look to open additional time slots in the future.

Classes will be $25.00 per class. If you buy four classes up front, you get one free. 
If you are a member of CrossFit Charleston, then the monthly CFC Defense rate is $60.00 per month.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

“Once a situation presents itself, the time for preparation is over. So I ask, do you want to be left unprepared?"